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Chen_TaoChen, Tao 陈涛

Chen, Tao is a well-known Chinese woodwind musician; the founder and director of the Melody of Dragon Inc.; and the artistic director and conductor of the Chinese Music Ensemble of New York.
Before coming to the US, Tao was an Associate Professor at the Central Conservatory of Music, a member of the Chinese Musicians Association and a member of the Chinese Folk Wind and String Instrument Association. Tao graduated from the Central Conservatory of Music in 1986 from the Folk Music Department. His performing style combines the refined elegance of the southern school and the robust liveliness of the northern school. The sound of his flute is full, round, and rich, and is marked by a unique timbre that can truly be described as enchanting.
Tao is not only a specialist on the Flute, Xiao and Xun, but he is also a virtuoso performer on other wind instruments such as the Bawu, Koudi, Chiba and other folk wind instruments. In 1989 he entered the National Folk Instrument competition and won first place. On several occasions he represented various groups of Chinese musicians, including the Chinese Buddhist Musicians Ensemble, and visited the US, Germany, Italy, France, England, Holland, Finland, Sweden, Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Macao. During a trip to England he collaborated with the BBC Philharmonia Orchestra. He also collaborated with The Orchestra National de Lyon and The National Symphony Orchestra of Portugal on the performances that won high praise. His playing can be heard on several soundtracks of Hollywood movies including Seven Years in Tibet, Corrupter (with the New York Philharmonia), and the PBS documentary Under the Red Flag and the Voice of China. In the US, The New York Times called him a "poet in music" and his playing "a miracle of the oriental flute." While on tour in Germany in 1989, the maestro Herbert von Karajan praises him as an artist who "performed with
His soul".
Since coming to the US in 1993, Tao has been invited to perform and lecture throughout the country. His first solo concert in the New York area was successfully held in December 1993. His second Flute Recital was successfully held in Carnegie Hall by the New York Flute Club in 2001. He has performed at the Lincoln Center, New Jersey Performing Arts Center with different groups including the Manhattan School of Music's Chamber Orchestra--The Music Consort, Nai-Ni Chen Dance Company, H. T. Chen Dancers. China Institute in America invited him to perform and lecture on the Chinese flute during their spring season since 1995.

Bao_JianBao Jian 包健

Mr. Bao Jian is an accomplished artist of Guanzi, an ancient double-reed instrument, who graduated from Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing in 1986.  Since then he has collected a number of prestigious awards on the international stage and has been very well received with his performance around the world. In 1995 he won first prize in the International Chinese Folk Instrument Competition, and in 1998 he took the first place at the Pro Musicis International Competition—thus becoming the first wind performer from China who competed with his Western counterparts and came away as a winner.
Mr. Bao has frequently appeared, as a guest performer, at the Hong Kong Asian Arts Festival, the Shanghai International Music Festival, the Festival der Weltkulturen in Berlin, and the New England Conservatory Spring Festival.  He has collaborated with Ethnic Chinese Broadcast Orchestra, Singapore Overseas Chinese Orchestra, Hong Kong Orchestra, Chinese Buddhist Orchestra, Chinese Contemporary Ballet Orchestra, and Hong Kong Virtuosi Orchestra. He has toured twenty-some countries in Asia, Europe, and the Americas and won praises and critical acclaim everywhere.
After settling in New York City in 2000, he successfully gave six Guanzi recitals in New York City, Boston, and Los Angeles. And for the first time he integrated Guanzi into American music, and in May 2002 collaborating with American and Canadian Jazz Orchestra, he performed “The New Century of Chinese Music” in cities  that include Hong Kong and Shanghai—once again bringing Guanzi music to the world stage.
Nurtured by his profound knowledge of classical tradition and his deep appreciation of modern music, Mr. Bao has developed a unique style that is at once subtle and profound and that combines a penetrating sense of naturalness with mesmerizing technique. Because of his amazing accomplishments, “The Berlin Daily” has characterized his music as “sacred music from the East,” as “a soaring dragon in heaven.” In 1997, he was invited by UNESCO to record “Three Overlapping Peaks of Yang Pass,” which was subsequently released around the world. A major pioneer and innovator in Chinese contemporary Guanzi music, Mr. Bao is now listed in Directory of Famous Overseas Chinese in Literature and Arts.

GuoyazhiYazhi Guo郭雅志,  
“China’s Louis Armstrong” -- Boston Radio 2001

A contracted soloist with the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra (HKCO), Guo is currently studying Jazz music in Boston.
Born in 1966 in Yuci,  Shanxi province, China, Guo started his music lessons at age nine on the French horn. Five years later he was admitted to Jinzhong Art School in Shanxi province, where he studied erguxian (two-stringed bowed operatic instrument) and suona. In 1986, he was accepted into the prestigious Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing and in 1994 joined the faculty of his Alma Mater.
Guo participated in New York’s International Pro Musicis Awards in 1998 when Chinese musical instruments were included as one of its categories for the first time. Guo competed with over 200 other participants for the Grand Prize and he won.
In June 27, 1998, Guo was named by the Ministry of Culture as one of China’s most Outstanding Musicians. He was invited to give a solo performance for the heads of states during a US President’s Beijing visit. At that concert, Guo played two pieces: “Reflections of the Moon on the Water” and ”Chelsea Morning,” one on the suona and the other on the saxophone.
Guo’s suona performance is brilliant and expressive with a unique style. He enjoys a huge following and his success has helped to create limitless opportunities for the suona in the world of modern music.

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